Diffuse Parting Systems

Diffuse Parting Systems

When it comes to caring for your locs, there are two main parting systems you should know: Diffuse Parting Systems and Square Parts & Diamond Parts.

Both of these systems can be used to create beautiful, healthy locs, but each will have a different outcome in terms of look and feel.

For those looking for more natural-looking locs, Diffuse Parting Systems is the way to go. This system involves sectioning off the hair in a C or half-moon shape that empowers us to manipulate the locs into a more natural looking pattern. This style gives us the flexibility to personalize the components of your hair style to accentuate your facial features, head shape, and unique hair qualities that are difficult to compensate for when using square parts . This also ensures that your natural hair will still highlight your features while untwisted in-between Visits.

On the other hand, Square Parts are for those who want their locs to have a more structured, and consistently-defined appearance. This parting system involves sectioning off the hair into small squares with sections of exposed scalp in-between that are completely symmetrical. This style is high maintenance, and ideal for those who can get their hair retwisted every 3-4 weeks. You will want to avoid letting untamed new growth settle, making this perfect for those who want their locs to have a sleeker, bolder, more styled look.

No matter which parting system you decide to use, it's important to remember that healthy hair should always be the top priority when styling your locs. With proper maintenance and care, your locs will look great no matter what parting system you choose!

If you have any questions or need help determining which parting system is best for you, feel free to book a Consult Today, also Have you ever wondered how to maintain and keep perfect styling?

We'll soon be releasing Loctician Sized bottles of the "Essential Duo" that we use daily within our own salon. These will be larger bottles with easy applications spouts for loctician's designed to provide adequate supply for one month if you do five heads a day! 

We also have a set of styling products coming soon for people with 4A, 4B, 3A, and 3C hair who have sleeker edges, and want a more sleek, modern, professional appearance.  

Note: This does not apply to our soon coming edge control which will be great for all textures, and is specifically designed to still provide a strong hold for those of us with 4C Hair. 

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