Healthy Hair, Happy Locs - Welcome to the House

Healthy Hair, Happy Locs - Welcome to the House

Monthly Recap: 

We've reconstructed our brand from the root after a much needed sabbatical in Jamacia where we witnessed the affects of healthy living, and saw the impact that eating fruit fresh from the yard and fish fresh from the ocean can have on overall crown health.

It was restful and refreshing to partake in a culture where Loc's are the norm rather than the the exception! We've also redesigned our website and booking funnel to better reflect our brand values, Customer Experiences, and make you feel at home!  

Introducing CureHouse Naturals - The All-Natural Hair Growth Solution

Transform your natural look and let us help you get the best out of yourself. At The Cure, we provide solutions to break free from any crown constraints preventing self-expression through healthy hair & happy locs!

Loc Care Consult

Every Loc Journey begins with a consultation.

CHN is dedicated to understanding your individual loc needs, from the unique pattern of your roots down to the precision of each strand.

We provide personalized assessments and maintenance plans tailored to you so that you can confidently keep looking fierce! 

Loc Construction 

CHN is renowned globally, offering both local expertise in the DFW Metroplex and international guidance to support growers through their remarkable Miracle Loc Transformations!

We offer the highest quality custom care for every grower. Our expert hands will restructure, fortify and strengthen - think of us like an armor upgrade!

Plus, we'll work magic on those stray strands that have lost their way home - perfectly reattaching & integrating them back into the parting pattern.

Let's get you ready to loc with confidence!

Loc Food: Hair Oil

Taking care of your hair involves more than just shampoo and conditioner.

Vitamins play an essential role in promoting healthy, strong locs; from Vitamin A to stimulate cell growth, B vitamins for red blood cells production that help follicles grow faster, E which reduces oxidative stress on the scalp and prevents dandruff & premature graying; or D to encourage new & old hair follicles development -all these are part of a comprehensive approach towards nurturing happy hair & healthy locs into powerful crowns!

Our Hair Food Oil is an essential tool to streamline the application of these vitamins with one easy convenient application!

 Loc Water: Hair Mist

Our Loc Water Daily Moisture is the perfect combination of natural hydration, essential vitamins and minerals to keep your scalp healthy. Not only does it give you relief from dryness or discomfort but also helps maintain soft hair with an unbeatable shine that never fades! Don't let a scratchy, rough scalp prevent you from achieving gorgeous locs!

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