Get Ready to Grow! 4 Essential Tips for Healthy Hair Growth from CureHouse Naturals

Get Ready to Grow! 4 Essential Tips for Healthy Hair Growth from CureHouse Naturals

 A CureHouse Naturals Guide to Healthy Locs

When it comes to healthy loc growth, black people have received misinformation for generations. With so many conflicting claims about the best products and techniques, it can be difficult to make sense of the conflicting advice around what is best.

There are so many creams, lotions, and potions that claim to do wonders but leave you feeling overwhelmed with underwhelming results!

It doesn’t have to be complicated though - a few simple steps can get you well on your way to having beautiful, healthy locs full of life. Imagine running your fingers through lush locs - that look neat and professional as you step into the office or boardroom! Don’t just follow generic advice, stay informed and make informed decisions when it comes to your hair!

In this guide, you'll learn 4 essential tips for healthy hair growth from experts who are passionate about dispelling myths in natural LocCare. while offering proven advice and natural solutions that will transform your strands, Pronto! 

Get Ready to Grow! 4 Essential Tips for Healthy Hair Growth from CureHouse Naturals

1. Locs are like plants, in that they require healthy amounts of Sunlight, Water, and Food, and our "Loc Essential Duo" takes care of two thirds of your requirements!

2. Make Sure you go out with your hair uncovered, so that it can absorb the sunlight at some point in the day. Relax on hats, caps, and wraps, during daytime hours, so that you can let your hair breathe. 

3. Excellent technique empowers us to loc your hair into a lightweight natural flow with body, and bounce, without relying on thick applications of wax, gel and butter when forming & maintaining locs. We pride ourselves on using minimal product that isn't thick, or sticky. We reach for Oil to enhance our tightly woven locs, when most would reach for a thick creamy chemical-infused slather of toxic gel to make up for their lack of know-how, skill, and technique! 

 4. A healthy diet, and stress free living will do wonders to hydrate, and moisturize your locs enough for you to only need one daily application of loc water. Hydration comes from within, and forms as a partnership between a healthy lifestyle, high quality diet, and daily applications of our "Loc Essential Duo".  

If your scalp is still thirsty for more Advice....

Don't forget to schedule a "Loc Consult" to receive a personalized care plan specific for your loc needs, and Enhance your locs with our signature "Loc Essential Duo" which includes an oil for shine, and water for hydration, using minimal product for maximum control & protection of your strands!

The result is beautiful, shiny and soft locs that feel nourished!

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